Fasaan Recordings is a music imprint that was founded in 2011 to shed light on unobvious musics with different agendas. It is operated from Malmö in the south of Sweden by Prins Emanuel, Golden Ivy and Inre Kretsen Grupp. Gucci Jehova was an instrumental part of creating Fasaan, but is now focusing on other endeavours.

If you are interested in booking any of us, or any of the artist that we've released, you can contact us at contact[at]fasaanrecordings.com. We also do label nights occasionally. 


To keep up to date with our releases and other things happening in our universe, follow us on Instagram. All of our releases are available at our Soundcloud, and many are also available for digital purchase at our Bandcamp. Our physical records are distributed by Rush Hour in the Netherlands and are available worldwide through their support and work.

Our full discography can be found on Discogs.

Since 2023, we are holding a radio residency at Mutant Radio in Tbilisi.

Previous residencies have been held at Dublab.de and TUKIO.


We do accept demos, but please know that we rarely release music outside our circle of friends and we don't operate like a conventional record label either. We get loads of music sent to us and we are not able to listen to or feedback to all of it. Neither do we work with payed press outlets, agencies or management.