FA014 - Prins Emanuel - Gli Ornamenti...

Out worldwide 31.08.2020
Distribution via Rush Hour.

Life is full of wonder and excitement. Now it is also filled with the 14th release on Fasaan Recordings, produced by one of its founding fathers: part-time fruit picker Prins Emanuel.

Gli Ornamenti comes in three different versions, which is nice. The U20 Mix is all about that sweet Roland U20 and offers us many of its decorative sounds.
The Maximal Minimal Mix is the one to go to when you don’t want a lot of different stuff, but what you want you really want a lot of.

The Ambient Mix is perfect to play while inspecting the grass growing under your apple tree. This is a good 12-inch single for the industrial balearic summers ahead.

Written, produced & recorded by Prins Emanuel 2019-2020 at SingSang Studio.

Liner notes by Simon Eliasson

Mastered by Darren Ziesing
Cover by Ivar Lantz