FA020 - Klofink - Vakant

Out worldwide 15.12.23
Distribution via Rush Hour.
x300 limited copies in silver pantone print.

Seasons come and go, so does the moods and modal alternations on Klofink's debut album that

we humbly present to the world through this dear label of ours.

Pastoral soundscapes pierce through post-industrial dub riddims on this highly distinctive artefact recorded by Jämtland born and Malmö based producer and musician Linus Jönsson.

The profound and, albeit paradoxically, decorative sounds on this album consists of a

minimal-maximal approach; few, well-leveled elements produces an almost ancient sounding

sonic signature of sorts, perfect to immerse ourselves in over the many years to come.

1. Kåda
2. Saguaro
3. Semi
4. Pur

5. Inland
6. Vakant
7. Matematisk Exakthet
8. Allomfattande

Produced & recorded by Klofink 2021-2023
'Semi' co-produced with Digge Shim.

Mastered by Linus Jönsson and Gaetan Golembiewski
Cover by Ivar Lantz, Photo by Martin Blomberg.